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We’re a full-service, social digital agency offering strategy, content production, analytics and everything in between.

full-service, multiplatform content studio

From video production, to copywriting, to developing strong brand identities, so.da does it all. Our team has shot everything from long-form television series and documentaries to music festivals and commercials, in addition to our daily social content production responsibilities. We are expert storytellers with more than 50 years of production experience and effectively optimize content for social and digital.

Multiplatform Content Studio

strategy & planning

So.da is social & digital with robust expertise leading both mediums for our lifestyle and entertainment brands. Our team is constantly optimizing our content for performance – from leveraging analytics tools daily to mining SEO data to determine what’s trending, popular content types, ideal lengths and more to infuse into our strategy and content production.

Influencer Strategy & Planning

pr, experiential & event management

Media relations & storytelling is in our DNA.

We make the news.

Literally & figuratively.

We are immersed in the Canadian media world with extensive relationships across traditional and new media.

Public Relations

premium content integration

Because so.da has built and manages Corus’ brands in social and digital, we are deeply in tune with what it takes to optimize for the algorithms. As a result, our content outperforms the industry – we have 3x the average engagement rates, longer watch times and low CPEs. Each week, we create and post more than 1500 content pieces, and last year, our content was viewed over 5 billion times. With this, we test and learn daily on our own brands, and have a deep data set and learnings that we can extend to our partners.


social listening & analytics

Combining experienced human analysis and a powerful suite of analytics tools, we apply a formal and standardized methodology to insights and analysis. Our tools go beyond the traditional suite of digital analytics tools to include analytic capabilities to drive insights on content and creative. 

Our everyday mission? Predicting the next social trends.

Social Listening